Meet The Filmmaker

Peter Swanson

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Peter carried the mail around the grounds of Washington National Cathedral during the summers away from school.  

Over the last 10 years Peter Swanson has  travelled the world producing a variety of projects related to the world  of water.  Chief among these is his work as series director on “Water -  the Drop of Life.”  This six-hour series is a global look at the  world’s fresh water supply.  Shot in super 16mm film in 31 countries,  the series features interviews with notable personalities such as former  President Jimmy Carter, the Dahli Lama, Michail Gorbachev, United  Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Shimon Peres and Queen Noor of  Jordan. It explores a range of issues from water in agriculture and  industry to water in religion to the possibility of armed conflicts of  water. The series has been broadcast in over 50 countries.      

He also co-produced a six-part series on global poverty issues  called, “A Dollar A Day.”  This series was filmed in 8 countries and  explores the lives of people who must live on a dollar a day and the  issues of access they face, access to things like markets, capital,  water and healthcare.  

He just finished producing a series of short videos for Clean Water  Services, in Oregon, that will play on the Fernhill wetlands website.   Entitled “The Voices of Fernhill Wetlands,” the series consists of  sixteen profiles of people within the community who care deeply about  these wetlands and are supporting the utility’s plan for renovating  wetlands as part of an innovative natural water treatment process.  

For the ConocoPhillips Water Sustainability Center in Doha, Qatar,  he produced a video that plays on a “Magic Planet” spherical projection  system. This video links the local need to conserve water with the  growing global need to preserve our water resources.  

For the United Nations in 2003, Peter produced a video and  travelling exhibit for the yearlong celebration “International Year of  Fresh Water.” The exhibit was represented the UN at the World Water  Forum in Johannesburg and was displayed in the lobby of the UNESCO  headquarters in Paris and the UN headquarters in New York.  

Also for the United Nations he served as Producer/Creative Director  for a web site entitled “60 Ways The UN Has Made A Difference” for the  60th anniversary of the UN.  

For Rotary International, Swanson produced a video that highlights  Rotary’s efforts to solve some of the monumental water problems in the  developing world. This program demonstrates low-cost, but highly  effective ideas for bringing clean water to the poorest of the poor.  It  is being used to encourage Rotary clubs around the world to adopt water  projects.  In  Australia, Peter served as producer/director for a short program on  water purification that is the centrepiece of the Water Corporation  visitors centre at their advanced water treatment pilot project.  This  program presents water purification within the lager frame of the water  cycle and Western Australia’s need to develop a pan to meet the  challenges of climate change.  

For the Australian Water Recycling Center of Excellence he  worked with NewWater ReSources to develop an interactive global map of water recycling facilities around the world.